From 2000 the enterprise carries out retooling and equipping of workplaces with modern high-performance equipment, boosts and embraces manufacturing technologies of the wide array of plastic products (including but not limited to lights for UAZ and KAMAZ series of vehicles) using South Korean automated molding machines.

Availability of the modern equipment from European and South-Eastern Asia manufacturers gives an opportunity to manufacture complex science-intensive industrial-use products and commodities.

Modern technological processes applied when manufacturing give an opportunity to carry out: 

- ultrasonic welding of plastics;
- tamp printing;
- precision induction coil wrapping; 
-  blanking out of high-precision fine parts using high-speed semi-automated machines of series ПА10 and ПА-25 and backlash-free stamping tools;
- manufacturing of impact resistant plastic parts with high % of glass fiber in composite.

Ulyanovsk Enterprise AVTOKONTAKT LLC is the sole patent owner for the invention «Skew bevel wheel» designed and suitable for the gas distribution mechanism of the vehicle engine, the author of series of Specifications for vehicle lights and immobilizer drum coils for ignition switches of VAZ and UAZ series of vehicles. Lighting products are certified according to rules of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and meet requirements of the Technical Regulation of Customs Union (TR CU) 018/2011.

Factory intra-net is designed, implemented and successfully works. Single information system elements of the enterprise are created.

Continuous and planned work related to maintaining of requirements and requests of consumers for the quality of products gave an opportunity to implement and certify the quality system in the context of manufacturing and selling of components for the vehicle manufacturing industry, the corrugated fiberboard and the corrugated packaging according to requirements of the Russian National Standard (GOST R ISO) 9001-2015.

In 2002 Ulyanovsk Enterprise AVTOKONTAKT LLC was the first in the city which began manufacturing of the corrugated packaging made of the 3-layered corrugated fiberboard prepared using the own equipment. Since then, three general upgrades of the line for manufacturing of the corrugated packaging were carried out.

In 2017 the equipment system used for processing of the corrugated fiberboard in the packaging was upgraded with the opportunity to pattern the 3-colored print.

The corrugated packaging produced corresponds to requirements of the Technical Regulation of Customs Union (TR CU) 005/2011 «Concerning the safety of the packaging». The Client is provided with the Declaration of conformance with requirements of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU). Corrugated boxes and fold-up corrugated trays produced according to the Russian National Standard (GOST R) 54463-2011 are applicable for packing of food products.