Ulyanovsk Enterprise AVTOKONTAKT LLC manufactures vehicle components and corrugated cardboard products.

Our main clients and consumers are UAZ LLC, OJSC “UMZ”, OJSC “DAAZ”, OJSC “ZMZ” and series of other township-forming enterprises of Ulyanovsk city, Ulyanovsk region and of the Russian Federation.

Production capacities of the enterprise form the site for placing of orders related to manufacturing of products and rendering of services simultaneously towards several different business lines:

  • manufacturing of vehicle components;
  • assembling and installation operations;
  • manufacturing of corrugated cardboard products;
  • sheet and cold stamping using automated presses;
  • plastic molding using automated molding machines;
  • maintaining, repairing and instrument site.

The decade-long and efficient process engineering mechanism in close contact with the management able to be sensitive to any changes in the environment of market processes and the well-qualified personnel of the enterprise give an opportunity to implement rather stable and long-term projects.

The distinctive feature of the enterprise consists in employing of people with limited health capacities and keeping them busy.